9. Coding


Questions to consider

  • is our practice’s coding of dementia robust?
  • are we getting the right in information back from memory services?
  • how can we use our dementia register better to support our patients with dementia, and their carers/families?

DRIVER: Accurate coding and recording on GP QOF Dementia Register

Actions Resources Examples
Introduce a set of standard Read codes for routine use in the General Practice to be applied for cases of established dementia (moderate to severe).
  • Guidance on Dementia Coding

    The coding of dementia can be less than straightforward, so a team of GPs working to improve dementia care in London, with support from specialist experts, has put together this GP dementia coding guideline. Read more »

Audit and reconcile referrals to memory services, and General Practice dementia register (QOF DEM1) to ensure that

  • outcome of referrals are recorded accurately
  • Read codes and ICD10 codes are reconciled.
Review records of patients with the following codes:

  • IB1A memory loss symptom
  • IB1A0 temporary loss of memory
  • Eu057 mild cognitive disorder

Implement local protocol for review of patients with memory problems, and mild cognitive disorder.

Review/recall patients where absence of a code, the code, or the patient’s presentation indicates that a review would be appropriate.
Consider also the needs of carers:

  • health and wellbeing; health checks
  • health promotion and prevention
  • education, information needs
  • local networks / groups for support
  • need for signposting / referral for carers’ assessment and care plan.

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